Date of event: May, 21st 2016


The Tukes Arts Expo was a huge success. We had great performers, an amazing crowd & an energy that's very hard find. Our team accomplished our mission in creating an event that lives by the slogan: NETWORK, CREATE, INNOVATE. We wanted to give artist a platform that allows them to express their craft in all mediums. Our goal is to help push rising artist further, while inspiring creatives from all walks of life.

We couldn't have been more happy with the artist that performed. We we're able to showcase a wide variety of genre's during the show. Featuring: LOVEHUNT, PRINCESS JENKINS, RAY RIOS, MEGAGONE, THE MAJOR KEYS, JOSEPH LUCAS, MELLOWLANDO, DARE & ELIJAH. These artist put their heart into the show & for that the Tukes team is more then thankful! This event fuses Music, Film, Photography, Art Theatre & Dance in the most perfect fashion. We, TUKES FILMS premiered our very own Star Wars Fan Film: Wrath of the Sith. Written & Directed by Michael Tukes. We also showcased other brilliant filmmakers such as Do Yu Production's heartfelt story "Drake's Purple Heart & Cody Huntington's (VidsbyCody) great documentary adventure in "Expedition Scandinavia".

The audience laughed & cheered knowing these personal projects were being presented by the creators themselves. The Tukes Arts Expo is an event that enrich's artist to believe in their craft. Because if you have a gift it should be your duty to pursuit it with full force. The Inland Empire is full of creative minds & our goal is to give them that moment they deserve. We want them to share they're talent to the people. With over 200+ in attendance, It's safe to say we're growing fast. If you would like to be apart of the showcase, have a booth , display an art piece or debut a film, please contact us here on our website. Thank's again to all the guest & performers. We can't wait to see you guys for the next one!

PS: You won't be waiting another year.

Special Thanks to the "Woods family". Without them, this event could not have been this amazing.

KRUG & LOVEHUNT| Photo by Nicholas Shorter

LOVEHUNT & KRUG| Photo by Nicholas Shorter

Audience during performances | Photo by Nicholas Shorter

Princess Jenkins | Photo by Nicholas Shorter

Michael Hel's Mastr.athltcs Brand | Photo by Kara Spinato

Show Host Ronald Meza Jr. | Photo by Kara Spinato

( Stars & Director of Wrath of the Sith )

Tiffany Simpson, David K. Souk & Michael Tukes | Photo by Kara Spinato

Dj Nurideen | Photo by Kara Spinato

Dj Nurideen, Elijah Tukes, Kevin Olguin, Kris Mcafee | Photo by Kara Spinato

Elizabeth Seggman | Photo by Kara Spinato

Cody Huntington & David Souk | Photo by Kara Spinato

Joshua Tukes, Nicholas Williams | Photo by Kara Spinato

DARE HOUSE | Photo by Kara Spinato

Kara Spinato & Elizabeth Seggman | Photo by Nicholas Shorter

Photo by Kara Spinato

Photo by Kara Spinato

Photo by Nicholas Shorter

Photo by Nicholas Shorter

Photo by Nicholas Shorter

DARE HOUSE | Photo by Nicholas Shorter

ELIJAH | Photo by Nicholas Shorter

Cast & crew of Star Wars Film Wrath of the Sith after premiere.

Michael Tukes talking about the development of our Spring Expo months before it took place.